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Just a Few of the Questions Answered Here by Scripture and Documented History

  1. Who are the Israelites of the Bible? 
  2. Where are their physical descendants today? 
  3. Why does it even matter? 
  4. What does Africa have to do with all of this?
  5. How could our health be affected by not being aware of this information?
  6. Is this a “Black Hebrew Israelite“ site?
  7. Is all of this just too good to be true?

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Our True and Documented Story

History Leading To The Trans Atlantic Slave Trade

How We Arrived Here

Brief but very important summary of true Black history that you won't hear about in school.

Context is the strength of history

Bringing everything into proper context... Here we go...

The Children of Israel had been migrating throughout Africa - from early Egyptian captivity up until the time they were finally flushed out of the land of Canaan, the country known as Israel today, fleeing persecution, slavery and starvation from the Romans in the Jewish-Roman War 66-70 A.D., which marked the end of the original Hebrew Israelites as a nation.

** The Bible and history confirms that the country of Israel (formally Canaan) still is, and always has been in the continent of Africa.  

The term "Middle East" only refers to a region. Remember, there are still only 7 continents...the Middle East is not an 8th continent. Israel is in the continent of Africa.

Actually Europe is not a “continent” by definition - (a large land mass surrounded mostly by water). Europeans (Greeks) decided to “make” Europe a continent in the 6th century BC. But according to the definition of the word, the original and correct continent is Asia.

Many schools are changing their textbooks to teach correctly that there are really 6 continents.

Regressing back to the subject...

After king Solomon died the original kingdom of Israel (twelve tribes) split into two kingdoms; the northern kingdom (ten of the twelve tribes), who kept the name Israel, and the southern kingdom (two tribes), called Judah (1 Kings 12 & 2 Chron 10).

By the time of this Hebrew-Roman war, the northern kingdom called Israel had already been taken captive by the Assyrians in 722 BC (2 Kings 15:29, 16:9), and are to this day referred to as the "ten lost tribes".. (They are called "lost" only because mainstream refuse to consider Africa or people looking like Africans) Which left only the "southern kingdom", or "Judah" - which the Bible translates as "Jews".

The Hebrew word translated as Jew in the Bible is the Hebrew word Yehudah, which is Judah or Judaite (Strong's #3064), referring to the southern kingdom of Israel. 

The word Jew in the Bible had absolutely nothing to do with "Judaism". It was all about bloodline , or family lineage.  


 Jerusalem came under the control of Rome in 63BC. The Judaites (Jews) revolted against the Romans a little over a hundred years later in 66AD and were defeated. The escaping Israelites, mostly of the southern kingdom, or Judah, migrated all throughout Africa ...in the opposite direction of the attacking Roman army. 

The farther west they went, the safer they believed they were since the Romans were coming from the east and north (Rome, Italy). 

Like we said, they migrated throughout Africa and many ended up on Africa's west coast. Africa's west coast was considered to be the safest place in the world at that time for them.

• Africa as it looks today with all those countries was created by Europeans in 1884. In that year, European powers met in Berlin, Germany and demarcated the continent among themselves. The demarcation gave birth to the Africa you see on the maps today. So you cannot look at Ghana, Togo, or Nigeria and say these countries are where the enslaved warriors from Africa came from because these countries did not exist at the time of the Slave trade. These countries came into existence after most of Europe abolished slavery.

• Before Europeans demarcated the continent, what existed in Africa were various African Kingdoms and Empires. (Empire is a number of kingdoms under a single authority or ruler) 

So much more I could discuss on this but again, back to our subject...

As seen and explained below on a map dated 1747, the "Kingdom of Juda" is clearly seen on the west coast of Africa. 

The Hebrew Israelites were in fact "strangers" living amongst Africans, and they looked so much alike that they were often mistaken all through the Bible as Egyptians (Africans).

It is also documented that the Israelites were called "The Children of the Book" by the African tribes. Some writings refer to them as “The People of the Book“.

The indigenous Africans first sent word to the Portuguese that the Children of the Book were there in much numbers...and are cursed to be slaves (Deut 28:41,48 & 68)...

And like they say...the rest is history!

And there you have the "world's best kept secret"...and the main reason for the existence of this website.

In the Bible God's people never separated their history from the law and their worship - like we have been trained to do. The mindset of separating history from worship is a western mindset.

The Biblical Israelite‘s  history was intertwined in the covenant or their law - that God gave them. The Hebrew's law and history were ONE

And God always had a problem with them not remembering what He had done for them. 

He expected for them to know and remember their history.

Learning our correct history is a very important key to our solutions.

In summary: 

If you are a part of the so called "African" diaspora in the Americas, Caribbeans, or even Europe... If your ancestors were sold as slaves in the trans Atlantic slave trade, or if you are in Africa and are relatives of those sold - all of Scripture and history points to you more than likely being actual descendants of the Israelites of the Bible - God's chosen people

It is what it is family.

There is no way to tell our entire story in one writing as history has been terribly twisted and tangled up to support the so called Jews in Israel of today, so I encourage you to scroll through our site.

Here are just a few of our articles that I believe to be foundational to this research. 

Just click on either link, but as stated below, there are more articles and videos:

Noah and His Three Sons - Origin of the Races? Not from the Bible

How "IVRI" Became "Hebrew"

We Must Address the Hebrew's Idolatry

I believe we have covered every angle of sincere questions to the validity of this research.

"For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." ~  Jer 29:11 (NIV)

Our correct history clearly tells us and confirms that God has a plan for His people

Despite what this culture wants you to think, you must know who you are. You are a special people

For the record, this website is not connected in any way to the group Black Hebrew Israelites 


"The Great Roman-Jewish War: A.D. 66-70" by the ancient 1st century historian Flavius Josephus;

"The Truth About Black Biblical Hebrew-Israelites" (1982) by Ella J. Hughley;

"From Babylon To Timbuktu" (1969) by Dr. Rudolph R. Windsor

"The Call To The Hebrews" (2011) by Mawuli

The "Holy Bible"

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After reading this, if you still question the legitimacy, listen to a detailed and very informative conversation between Rabbi Akwetey Basil Amaah of Ghana, West Africa and Rabbi Harry Rozenberg representing the Ashkenazi Jews of Israel today. Listen to the entire video and make your own decision. It is the last video on this page.

It is our responsibility to make sure we are teaching our children true history and identity. It's not another people's responsibility. They are teaching their children (and ours) their history.

"Until the lion writes his own story, the story of the hunt will always glorify the hunter" ~ African proverb

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"When we look upon the past, through past eyes we must see,
To judge the past by present norms, denies a history" ~ African Proverb

"If a people lose their historical memory, they become a fragile people. They regress.. And it is that historical memory which permits them to be a strong people." ~ Cheikh Anta Diop

"A people without the knowledge of their history is like a tree without roots." ~ Marcus Garvey

History 👊🏾

Concerning the Bible, incorrect history will produce incorrect theology 

1747 map of west Africa showing the Kingdom of Juda above the Slave Coast. Tooth Coast = Ivory Coast

Evidence of Judah on Africa’s West Coast During the Slave Trade

This is a close up view of West Africa on a 1747 map close to the coast... where the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade took place. 

Look towards the right on the picture and you will see an area called the Kingdom of Juda (Km of Juda) just above the words Slave Coast. And if you look closer, you will also see a town called Juda (Whidah) close to the coast. Whidah was what Europeans called them. 

We must understand that there originally was no “J” sound in the English language. There is nor never has been a “J” sound in older languages such as Biblical Hebrew or Greek. Where we see the “J” today, was originally a “Y” sound in the older languages like Hebrew and Greek.

The town of Juda is now called "Ouidah" and is situated about 50 miles from present day Benin. 

I don’t normally quote Wikipedia but they even admit that Ouidah was originally Judah. 

Furthermore, we can obviously conclude that if there was not a “J” sound, then it was not pronounced “Judah”, but probably sounded more like A-Whidah. And Wikipedia also says Ouidah was called “Ajudá by the Portuguese...”

Rabbi Akwetey B. Amaah - a descendant of the Biblical tribe of Gad, and Mawuli Mawuvi - a descendant of the tribe of Judah both confirm the migration of Judah from Israel to Africa’s west coast. 

(At the bottom there is an hour long video of Rabbi Akwetey B. Amaah of Ghana detailing the complete migration to the west coast of Africa)

And to the left of Judah on the 1747 map you will see the Tooth Coast, here is what Wikipedia said about the origin of the name of that country:

Originally, Portuguese and French merchant-explorers in the 15th and 16th centuries divided the west coast of Africa, very roughly, into four "coasts" reflecting local economies. The coast that the French named the Côte d'Ivoire and the Portuguese named the Costa do Marfim—both, literally, mean "Coast of Ivory"—lay between what was known as the Guiné de Cabo Verde, so-called "Upper Guinea" at Cap-Vert, and Lower Guinea. 

There was also a Pepper Coast, also known as the "Grain Coast", a "Gold Coast", and a "Slave Coast". 

Like those, the name "Ivory Coast" reflected the major trade that occurred on that particular stretch of the coast: the export of ivory. 

Other names included the Côte de Dents, literally "Coast of Teeth", again reflecting the trade in ivory... 

From https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ivory_Coast

We have a picture of a Portuguese slave port still standing today in Ouidah (Judah) West Africa. 

Learn more and see the picture of the slave port by going through our menu above, or just click here:

Slave Port in Judah West Africa Today

God is taking us somewhere we have never been before. Just take Him at His Word!

By Minister Rodney Jones, specializing in Biblical History

God Has A Plan For His People!

A Message Specifically to Black People 

"For I know the thoughts (plans) that I think toward you, saith the LORD" Jer 29:11

She Discusses Their “Greatest Sin”

Hebrew Migration from Israel to West Africa ~ Rabbi Akwetey Basil Amaah

Rabbi Akwetey Basil Amaah vs Rabbi Harry Rozenberg ~ The Igbo tribe the ONLY Hebrews in West Africa?

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